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SABPA Approves Calgary Airport Authority Draft Jet Restrictions PDF Print E-mail

Springbank Airport Business and Pilots Association fully supports the introduction of jet aircraft to the Springbank Airport. We have reviewed and approve of the following proposed amendments to the Canada Flight Supplement and CAP publication:

CFS Change from:

Opr ltd hrs Aprt ltd to propeller driven acft up to 12,500 lbs gross tkoff wt. PLR/PCN


Opr ltd hrs Aprt PLR 4

Addition to CAP: Noise Abatement Procedures

Application – These procedures apply to jet aircraft and are in effect at all times unless otherwise specified. It is the pilot’s responsibility to adhere to published noise abatement procedures.

Noise Certification – Operation of jet aircraft is restricted to Chapter 3 noise certification

Preferential Runways – ATC will designate runway 16/34 to divert as many take-offs as possible, consistent with safety of operations, from flight over residential areas adjacent to the airport.

Night Operations – Jet aircraft operations will be restricted between 23:00 and 07:00 local time.

Exemptions – Exemptions may be authorized in advance by The Springbank Airport General Manager for specific flights and determined periods.

Forward your request with justification to: Springbank Airport General Manager,Calgary Airport Authority, 2000 Airport Rd. N.E.,Calgary, AB T2E 6W5

We are anxiously looking forward to these amendments being approved by Transport Canada and published so as to allow this airport to expand its serviceability to the Springbank Community and Calgary area.

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