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Springbank Charter Operator Opposed to Jet Restrictions for the Springbank Airport. PDF Print E-mail

Colin MacLeod of Central Aviation Inc. the only aircraft charter operator at Springbank Airport and one who is seriously considering the addition of a Cessna Citation 500 series jet aircraft to his charter fleet added his voice to current debate over turbofan operations at CYBW. "The restriction of Chapter 3 non complaint aircraft is unduly restrictive and unwarranted. The Calgary Airport Authority (CAA) should the IATA's document entitled "A Balanced Approach", which offers guidance on just these issues.

It supports the use of land use planning and management, noise abatement operational procedures and, if required aircraft operating restrictions. It does not support aircraft operating restrictions as a first resort and encourages these to be used only with specific, measurable goals. Moreover, it states that only airports with documented noise problems should consider this approach. We are all aware that the addition of one or two turbofan operations a day at CYBW is unlikely to affect the status quo. Even the Edmonton municipal, CYXD, in the middle of the city, does not have such onerous restrictions. The outright ban of this particular class of aircraft at YBW seems to be uncalled for. I ask for clarity and a resolution to this matter. This process has been ongoing for sometime." stated, Colin N. MacLeod Central Aviation Inc. (Air Charter) 403-242-9130

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