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N51 06 11 W114 22 28 (1339')


Photo Provided by the Calgary Ultralight Flying Club

Once upon a time (not to make you old timers feel old or anything, but...), the site of the Springbank Airport was the location for the McLaurin farm. This changed in February 1969 as construction began on the airport as we know it. The construction took 2 years to complete with the official Grand opening being held in July 1971.

At the time, Transport Canada was looking for a solution to the growing congestion problem at the nearby Calgary International Airport. While constructing a parallel runway at CYYC would have solved this problem, TC decided to build a smaller relief airport similar to St. Andrews close to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Calgary/Springbank was then designed with the small aircraft (>12,500 lb.) market in mind.

In October 1997, the Calgary Airport Authority officially assumed control of the facility from the federal government under a 60-year lease agreement that is still in effect.

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